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We provide a variety of comprehensive services to fit your needs. See a complete list of our services and additional information below.
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Waters Family Dentistry offers a full range of dental health services. We provide services for children, teens, adults, and seniors in a comfortable, caring environment. Whether you have always been regular with six-month dental checks or it is has been several years since your last appointment and you are ready to get back on track, we are committed to being your oral health partner.

Prevention Is the Name of the Game

The foundation of this commitment begins with preventive services. Preventing dental disease is key when it comes to maintaining the appearance of your smile, having a pain-free mouth, and increasing the likelihood you will keep your teeth throughout your life.

When you schedule your preventive services with one of our dental hygiene team members, you can be sure you will receive professional and caring treatment to keep your smile healthy. These services will help address problems before they grow.  

Restorative Dentistry

If problems do arise, we offer dental services to restore teeth that have been cracked, broken, or damaged by dental decay. All of these factors can result in the need for fillings, crowns or bridges.

If you have teeth that are missing, you may be a candidate for dental implants, partials or dentures. Dr. Waters will evaluate your dental condition and provide options to restore your smile.   

We’re Here When You Need Us

Dental emergencies often surprise us. Sometimes you are hoping that nagging pain would just go away. Other times, you aren’t sure if the symptoms you are experiencing are an urgent emergency. Whatever your situation, our dental team can provide diagnostic and emergency care. We recommend you call our office and we will help determine if you need to be seen in the office right away.     

In extreme cases, a root canal or even an extraction may be needed. During your exam with Dr. Waters, he will assess your case and make recommendations so you can make the dental health decision that is best for you.   

Making Your Smile the Best It Can Be

Once your smile is healthy from the gums up, we’ll talk about cosmetic services.  Dr. Waters is happy to offer our White for Life Club for all our Grand Island office patients. This program is a great way for you to whiten your teeth and to maintain your desired tooth shade for a lifetime!   We also offer tooth-colored restorations, dental veneers, and crowns and bridges that improve your appearance. 

We Look Forward to Getting to Know You!

The team of Waters Family Dentistry looks forward to helping you discover your best smile yet.  To provide you with exceptional quality of care, we want to get to know you and the things you value the most.  We will ask questions that help identify things that are most important to you like the appearance of your smile, having a pain-free mouth, long-lasting results and the ability to eat and chew what you want.

To schedule your next dental appointment, please call our Grand Island office at (308) 382-1734.

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