Cleanings & Exams

You may have heard the phrase, “take care of your teeth and they will take care of you.” If you think about it, teeth are vital to smiling, eating and even speaking. For instance, imagine trying to bite off a piece of carrot without your teeth!.

If we want to keep these pearly whites throughout our lives, we must focus on preventing dental disease by practicing good oral hygiene habits and following a healthy diet. But another essential component of optimum oral health is a regular visit to the dentist for exams and cleanings.

Your Cleaning and Exam Appointment

During your hygiene visit, Cara and Brandi, remove bacteria-filled plaque and tartar. They also remove stains caused by smoking, medications, foods, and beverages. This cleaning decreases bacteria in your mouth which can help minimize the sensitivity of gums and teeth. Regular dental cleanings also assist in preventing periodontal disease. Once the calculus (tartar) is removed, it will make it easier for you to maintain your oral health with consistent brushing and flossing.

For patients who have periodontal disease, a deeper more intensive cleaning may be needed. Our hygienists keep you comfortable during this procedure with both topical and local anesthetics.

Oral Exam

During your hygiene visit, Dr. Waters or Dr. Crouch will provide a complete oral exam. This exam includes not only the teeth but also the soft tissue in your mouth. He will evaluate any radiographs taken and provide an oral cancer exam. the dentist will report his findings to you, advise if any restorative care is needed and answer any questions you may have.

Throughout your appointment, Cara and Brandi will share their findings with you. They will inform you about areas that may need extra attention in your daily cleaning efforts. They may suggest oral hygiene aids to improve your ability to maintain hard to clean areas. They may also counsel you on other choices that impact your oral health, such as diet and tobacco use.

Fluoride Varnish – A Vitamin for Your Teeth!

After the bacteria have been removed from your teeth, the hygienist will apply a thin layer of fluoride varnish with a small brush. Fluoride can decrease sensitivity, will strengthen teeth and prevent decay. We offer several flavor options such as mint, melon, and caramel.

Regular Dental Visits are Important for Your Healthy Smile

At the end of your appointment, your hygienist will schedule your next hygiene visit. Most patients are seen two times a year and others may need to be seen on a more frequent basis to manage their periodontal disease. You will also receive a gift bag containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss. Cara or Brandi will walk you to our check out desk and offer you a complimentary bottle of water.

Schedule your Preventive Visit

Please call Waters Family Dentistry to schedule your preventive visit with your hygienist! We can be reached at (308) 382-1734 and would be happy to find a time that works well in your schedule.