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What happens if Waters Family Dentistry is out of network for my insurance?

Great question! As there are hundreds of dental insurance companies out there, there is a possibility our office may be considered out of network for your dental insurance. It is a situation we have handled before, and you’ll be happy to know it doesn’t exclude you from being a patient in our office! In fact, for some of our existing patients, we are considered out-of-network for their dental insurance company. In many cases, we have found the differences between in and out of network to be negligible for routine care insurance reimbursement.

When you consider dental insurance, it’s important to understand, dental insurance typically covers basic care and is viewed as a method of payment and not a method of treatment. It’s interesting to note that in 1967, the annual maximum for most insurance was $1,000. If that amount was translated into today’s dollars, it would be over $7,000.

Sometimes we have patients whose employer changes the dental plan they offer. This typically happens at the beginning of a new calendar year. Occasionally we have found insurance websites don’t have the latest information about your coverage and we get better results with a phone call. To find out about your specific situation, we offer a complimentary insurance review and would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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